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About Sonrisa Photography

We’re Sonrisa Photography, Portrait and Wedding Photographers on California’s beautiful Central Coast. We’ve been in business together just about as long as we’ve been married, 8 years, but our story in photography goes back further. In fact, we met on a photography job in Southern and have been going strong ever since. Shari worked as a photographer while studying cultural anthropology and Alan did the same while he was pursuing filmmaking.

We see our photography sessions as far more than just producing wonderful images, we see them as experiences themselves. We make everything fun and easy going. We want your photographs to reflect who you are when you’re relaxed and natural. Our session are meant to be a good time. They capture and create memories.

Our business together has evolved from a side gig to a full business that includes Sonrisa Studio in Los Osos and our Airstream Photobooth that we take to weddings, events and fundraisers. We’d love to know more about you and what your photography needs are.